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Beat The Heat With A Tasty Treat!


The heat is on here in sunny St. George! That means everyone is wanting to cool off with some yummy sweet treats! Considering the fact that temperatures can reach 110+ degrees here in the summertime, cool treats are a must! So to kick off the summer and help all my fellow foodies beat the heat, I have compiled a list of my top five favorite cool treats here in St. George!


  1. Dixie Nutrition Yogurt – 406 W St George Blvd, St George, UT 84790
    For a healthy frozen treat, all the locals know that Dixie Nutrition is where it’s at! They have some of the best flavors and keep it nice and healthy(as possible)! This has been a favorite for me especially lately as I am trying to lean out, and to beat my craving for a snickers I’ll just get me a fat free/sugar free frozen yogurt and BAM! Cravings gone, and guilt free(ish)!


  1. Hokulia Shave Ice – 20 N Bluff St, St George, UT 84770
    This is bar none my most favorite shave ice shack in St. George. They have huge portions and the flavors are out of this world! My fave is drizzle of sweet condensed milk on top of cherry cola! Sounds weird, but you’d be surprised how tasty it is! To get a real feel for Hawaii, try their Li Hing Mui powder topping, a mix of sweet, salty and sour!


  1. Yogurtland – 15 S River Rd, St George, UT 84790
    Of course Yogurtland! Who doesn’t LOVE this place? So many flavors to choose from and SO MANY TOPPINGS. This place overloads my brain with all the mixture ideas and tasty combos every time I go! Give me all the fire roasted coconut and pistachio and all the chocolate on top! (mouth currently watering!)


  1. Kilo’s – 511 E St George Blvd, St George, UT 84770
    Who doesn’t love Italian Ice? Kilo’s offers an array of different flavors that are seriously the most mouthwatering tastiest flavors. The atmosphere here is quaint, slightly retro and just simply a fun environment to go and enjoy their sweet frozen treats.


  1. Zeppe’s – 1812 W Sunset Blvd #2, St George, UT 84770
    Let me tell you about Zeppe’s. Oh my goodness. The excitement I felt when I found out they were coming to St. George was UNREAL. I used to live in Logan, UT and I would make a Zeppe’s trip at least once a week (even in the dead of winter) simply because their custard and italian ice is absolutely amazing. Bar none my favorite frozen snack place. The flavors are spectacular, and with the right amount of custard its just heaven. (mouth watering once again).

So if you’re struggling with the heat today, make a trip to one of these five places to enjoy a flavorful, yummy and COLD treat.

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