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Hasta La’ Pasta!

I am probably one of the biggest pasta fans around. I love all of it, fettuccine alfredo, pesto penne, shrimp scampi on angel hair, my mouth is watering right now as I write this! This is hard for me, because being pasta advocate isn’t exactly good considering the fact that I am also a fairly big fitness advocate. I hate the fact that I have to limit the amount of pasta I can shovel into my face per week. I mean if I could I would literally eat this stuff everyday, several times a day. Unfortunately I also really want a summer bod. Pasta and fitness do not coincide on many levels, especially if you are trying to get lean! The struggle is real here people. With all of that in mind, I make sure that I choose wisely where I am going to indulge for a cheat pasta meal.

For those of you who are on my level with a passion for pasta and fitness, I have a just the restaurant for you! Twisted Noodle is this super rad cafe located on Main Street next to the parking garage. I love this place so much for several reasons. The restaurant menu was created to please anyone with any diet! It is a healthy alternative for dining out and indulging in “the good stuff”. When I first heard of this place my heart skipped a beat and when I took my first lunch trip there, my mind was blown. If you are like me, you know the struggle of finding healthy food that tastes better than cardboard.

Now back to pasta, Twisted noodle offers pasta… Wait for it… Ba dum pst! That is healthy! And I am not saying healthy as in just wheat noodles. I mean healthy like they have pasta that fits into a paleo diet! I can’t even begin to explain the amount of joy this brings pasta loving fitness fans. I nearly cried when I realized I can eat there more than once a week and not gain all the weight back that I work so hard to keep off!

Not only is this place healthy and delicious, but they are affordable as well! Which is awesome because we all know how expensive being healthy can be!

Places like Twisted Noodle are what dreams are made of. With meal plan offers, vegan dishes, paleo diet friendly and being able to make healthy pasta lovers happy, I definitely rate this place a 10. Now go get yourself over there and get some good healthy wholesome eats!

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