Hey Guys! Brittney and Tailer here! So we are super excited to be working with 1% Fitness to help us get our bodies and minds healthy and happy! Such a pleasure it has been so far to talk with them and learn all about the different things they offer and how they work as far as making meals that are specific to our needs. So here is whats going down for us on this journey!




So, let’s be honest for a second. Starting this journey, or even the time leading up to starting a meal program has been a strange road. In a nutshell, I’m a burger eating, Mac & cheese microwaving, sweet tooth queen. So eating clean, raw, or anything “green” is a little scary for me. From struggling with my weight in high school or losing that extra baby cushion. But, my latest predicament…shedding too much weight. I’ve recently taken up road biking and let me say this, I never thought I’d be trying to gain pounds. Excited to team up with 1 percent to put on good weight, build muscle and ultimately be in the best shape physically as well as mentally. Watch me transform!



For the last three years I have been very body conscious, and have taken pretty good care of myself as far as hitting the gym went. I mean, I was lifting everyday at least two hours per day. I’ve never really been overweight, actually quite the opposite. I’ve always struggled to gain weight! I would get so frustrated at the gym because I could never seem to hit that goal weight of mine, always just a little too small. Well, within the last six months my life changed drastically and I now work a full time job as well as go to school every night. Which means I no longer have much time to get into the gym or even prepare healthy meals for myself. So fortunately/unfortunately I have gained weight and have hit my goal… BUT NOT GOOD WEIGHT. So I am really excited to work with 1% to get my diet back on track and hopefully get back into to gym again. I cannot wait to see the results from this and to be feeling like myself again!